This Is Me

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Them Libidinous Dems

This morning was my boss's fundraiser. So, after trekking into the downtown, almost wiping out until I remembered "turn INTO the fishtail, turn INTO the fishtail!" because while there was only a light dusting of snow it covered a treacherous layer of ice, I arrived to look pretty and collect checks.

me: what's my job tomorrow? Look pretty and collect checks?

coworker: That's pretty much always your job.

me: wouldn't that be prostitution?

coworker: They don't take checks.

I think the most interesting story of the morning, was when an elderly Democrat arrived, let call him Representative X. Representative X shook my coworker's hand, shook my hand, and then, surprisingly, leaned forward to hug me. I got a kiss on the cheek too. Right as he was doing that, Representative Y (A Republican) commented:

Rep. Y: Found another girl to charm?

Rep. X: It's my mission to love every woman on this earth. I've got too many, want to help me out?

I guess looking pretty worked for me this morning:-)

Monday, November 28, 2005

True Freedom

"True freedom is not freedom from all responsibility to God and man in order to live for myself, but the exact opposite. True freedom is freedom from myself and from the cramping tyranny of my own self-centredness, in order to live in love for God and others. Only in such self-giving love is an authentically free and human existence to be found." - John Stott

Double Wammy

I've known for a while that I have a "hero complex". Yeah, I just want to rescue everyone. This keeps being demonstrated too. Like my Myers-Briggs personality is 'The Champion' and my name 'Alexandra' means "defender of men/mankind". No wonder I want to save and defend everyone! I am really starting to be of the school of thought that names are significant and have a lot to do with how you turn out. I even have a keychain with my name on it that so sounds like me

"She is virtuous and has strong feelings for fairness. Her emotions are quick to rouse, and are explosive. She is colorful and glittering."

Even keychains can know me if they are about my name. Crazy. Then I was looking at this birthday thingie (very descriptive I know) and found out that I share a birthday with Alexander the Great. Alexander the Great! Not only is my name so similar to his that they mean the same thing, but we share a birthday! No wonder my hero complex is so strong. From the day I was born however many hundreds of years after Alexander the Great and then named "Alexandra" I was destined to feel like I am significant and meant for something important and that I have to be everyone's defender and champion. Man, my parents really set me up.

Next step: take over the world.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Mannequin Sex

Weirdest story ever. As my co-worker stated, "What is this world coming to? Mannequins aren’t even safe from [sexual] predators.”

I can see indecent exposure, but...sexual assault? They do realize that a mannequin is an inanimate object right? I guess the question is, will they throw the mannequin away, or continue to dress it in such provocative clothing? I mean, think about those skanky mannequins you know. It probably deserved it, the minx.

Monday, November 14, 2005

I understand my boyfriend so much better now

I am not sure to what extent I believe this, but it's interesting nonethless. I was at a conference on Saturday and the speaker, Dan Allender, was saying that names are very important and that they say a lot about who a person is. As he said, "...for example, if you have the name of a biblical prophet you may find yourself being a disrupter of systems and you may also find you have conflictual interpersonal relationships."

I almost fell off my chair laughing.