This Is Me

Friday, February 16, 2007

NPR made me late for work

So, apparently B flat is a note that has many interesting qualities.

Read about it here and listen to the song:-)

Also, apparently radiation is everywhere and we need to keep risks in perspective. We get radiation from the potassium in bananas, we get radiation from our own bodies, we get radiation from whoever we sleep in bed next to, and the stones that make up the Washington DC Capitol Building have radiation too.

I love NPR:-)

Monday, February 12, 2007

You asked for it!

Well, for all of you who are disgusted by my sighing over Jeremiah - you asked for it! Or, at least, the people who commented did. This is representative democracy at work here: if you didn't vote, don't complain. ;-)

So last week was a crummy emotional week. I could say it was just me having a bad attitude, or I can blame it on the fact that I just went off the estrogen my doctor gave me a prescribed. (no worries - all my medical problems are cleared up now, that's why I went off it) I figure - estogen's a hormone, so not getting it anymore can really screw up my system...woo hoo! Pointing fingers is a part of the American Way

So, many things happened last week that pummeled me and I totally crumpled emotionally. Jeremiah's response? He brought me flowers at work on Thursday. (flowers!) :-) It was great because it made my week, which was already turning for the better, to cement into goodness. (Yes, I know my week being good doesn't have to do with what happens, but in how I confront it, but flowers sure help - as does feeling loved by a wonderful fiance who realizes flowers make me feel better!)

By Saturday I was back to normal. I had my bellydancing class in the morning, which always gets those endorphins running and a nap and prettied myself up for the Valentine's Extravaganza. The Valentine's Extravaganza is a fundraiser put on by the senior class of the school that my church runs so they can go on a missions trip before they graduate. So, many people from my church go to support it and many of the teens I interact with at youth group attend.

Jeremiah's cousin is a senior this year, so I wanted to make sure we supported her. After the dinner (during which Jeremiah bought me a rose) :-) we went into the sanctuary for the program they put on. It was, as always, a hodge-podge of skits and musical entertainment. They had a jazz band playing music that performed 2 songs before the program got underway. During those songs they welcomed anyone to dance, but no one did. As they closed out the program, the lead saxophone player pleaded with the audience to dance. All of a sudden Jeremiah nudged me and led me to the front of the sanctuary, where there was room for dancing. Oh yes, did I say no one else was dancing? Not only was no one else dancing, but no one else STARTED dancing after the first couple (us) led the floor (which is what usually happens) So there are Jeremiah and I - slow dancing in front of my church, my youth group, the senior pastor and his wife for all of 'Misty' was great:-D hee hee. And Jeremiah didn't care we were the only couple. He did it because he thought I would find it romantic - which I did. It just happened to be amusing too, because we ended up being the only couple dancing. But how many people get to boast that they've slow-danced in a church? Not many I bet:-)

Even more amusing was when he was talking to a friend of his the next day before church who he hasn't seen because the guy has been doing missions for the past 6 months and my pastor's wife went up to him and told him how romantic it was...he didn't care about being the only couple dancing in front of a couple hundred people, but someone making a deal about it afterwords in front of even one person - that embarrassed him.

Bold, extravagant love is part of Jeremiah's personality. He never does it the way I might expect, but catches me off-guard. Like dancing to the live piano music in a crowded downtown Chicago mall just before Christmas, or in front my's great. I feel very lucky.