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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Think you're poor? Look at the world

Want to know how rich you really are? It'll probably surprise you.

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Friday, August 03, 2007

Interesting developments on the war in Iraq

About a month or two ago I read a book called Epicenter, authored by Joel Rosenberg. In this book, Mr. Rosenberg states that Iraq is going to stabilize and emerge within the next 10 years as a cultural and economic center. Not just of the Middle East, but of the world. For those of you who are not familiar with Mr. Rosenberg, he usually writes fictional books. However, after many of his fictional plots happened after he had written the book world leaders, including our own government, started asking his advice on what is going to happen next in the Middle East (and Russia). His ideas in this book were stimulating, to say the least. Even if you think he's full of hogwash, you may find these recent headlines that suggest he may be correct interesting :

A War We Might Just Win (an article by analyists from a left-of-center thinktank that have been vocally opposed to President Bush's handling of the Iraq War)

The Dems Get Surprised On Iraq

What if we win?

You might not agree with Mr. Rosenberg's analysis of Iraq, but you should at least update yourself on what is happening right now over in Iraq. Because if his predictions come true, you will want to read his book to see how he came to his conclusions. You may even read it to see what will happen next and what it means. If he's right, don't you want to be the person who says, "see it's just as I told you?"

Another side of these developments is that you may also want to consider is how certain Democrats (not necessarily all) have been fighting the Iraq war and saying we can never win even when faced with evidence and expert testimony to the contrary. I realize that some of these politicians probably honestly think that the testimony and evidence they are seeing is false or hyped because of their personal beliefs (or possibly political investment leading to self-denial), but start watching how some are talking about the war as if they hope we'll lose - just so they will do better politically, or so their party can do better. (and how they are scared that it might be going well now)

Now I'm not saying Republican politicians would never do something like that on some other issue(or this issue), but pay close attention in this situation to which politicians honestly believe what they say - and will change their minds when faced with evidence (even before popular opinion has turned). Since they are in leadership, they will probably hear testimony before the common person. If the evidence they see first suggests the war is going well, they should change their opinions on it before the polls say they should, not after. Also, pay attention to any who may try to subvert the war, merely for political gain. Even if you don't believe Mr. Rosenberg, or don't trust these articles, know at least that now there's some question as to the outcome of this war and pay attention to what's going on and what's being said and by whom - because these events might just be very significant for the future, and if Mr. Rosenberg is right you will want to have paid attention now.