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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Surviving the Tornado (and the Power Outage)

So, a tornado apparently hit the cooling towers of a power plant about 5 blocks from my house. I had wondered why my neighborhood looked so much worse than others. Tons of trees were down, mostly across the road, and many power lines (and cars) were taken out by the trees. On the street in from of my home a tree blocked the intersection and tangled in its branches was a patio umbrella! The whole neighborhood seemed to be walking around after the storms on Saturday and Sunday. Although Saturday's storm seemed much worse, our power did not go out until the "quickie" storm on Sunday. 15 minutes of wind and rain, (and apparently a tornado!) and our power went out. To prevent our food from spoiling, we packed our fridge with ice and then took some to Jeremiah's parents and some to my fridge at work. The storm has its 'ups' though - we've been getting to know our neighbors. Most of our neighborhood has power restored (or it never went out) but about 3-4 houses, including ours, are still without. I don't feel too bad though - the Governor only got her power back on yesterday!

The picture in this article just doesn't do the damage justice: