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Friday, July 18, 2008

Mercedes Fish-Inspired Concept Car

So, cars usually spend most of their energy just pushing against the air, so the more aerodynamic the car, the more miles per gallon the car can get. That is why this funky car ,that I first read about in Popular Science, gets 300 mpg. Of course, it also is an electric car, it is only being released in California for now, will actually be classified as a motorcyle, and after the battery is depleted the mpg drops to a meager 130 mpg. You could make the argument this isn't a car in the traditional sense of the word, so the 300 mpg is not that impressive...but how does 70 mpg sound to you then?

Mercedes patterned a concept car off of a box fish that gets 70mpg combined city/highway driving and 84mpg driving at a consistent 56 mph!!!

However, this car "isn't coming to your local dealership." Wait a second, you created a car that gets 70 mpg and it ISN'T being released?! Sure, it looks funky, but for 70 mpg I would drive a car that looks like an armadillo.


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