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Friday, January 28, 2005

Traveling in Michigan can get sticky - Watch out for SWAT Teams

From Hunt's Guide to Michigan's Upper Peninsula

The City of Fayette: "The famous and picturesque iron smelting 'ghost town' is toward the tip of the 21-mile-long Garden Peninsula, so called becasue the moderating waters of Lake Michigan all around it made it better suited for farming and orchards whan most Upper Peninsula locales. The temperatures are more like that of mid-Michigan's 200 miles to the south. Garden's best-known crop today is marijuana - an indication of how economically pressed and alienated some farm families have felt. Don't be surprsed in early August if the normally quiet area swarms with state troopers and helicopters cofiscating pot. Lake Michigan is surprisingly seldom seen from the Garden Peninsula's improved roads. But for people who really like to poke around, the peninsula is a relaxing, congenial place - the kind of place where you could be happy for days without going to a town big enough to have a supermarket.

I think I should travel around Michigan a little more - Although maybe not in early August.

Cuddling up to my Tozer

One thing to know about me: I go nuts over A.W. Tozer books. There may be quite a few quotes on this blog from his various works. I love to study theology and here's the best quote I've found that explains why I do.

"There are two ways to approach God: theologically and experientially. You can know God experientially and not know much theology, but it's good to know both. The more you know about God theologically the better you can know him experientally...the purpose of doctrine is to lead you to see and to know God experientially, to know God for Himself, for yourself. But until we know God theologically, we're not likely to know God very well experientially."

Of course, then a few sentances later he talks about God's ineffability (incapability of being expressed into words).

"We don't know what God is like. If you can think it, it isn't God...God is unimaginable, inconceivable; you cannot get into your head what God is like, or visualize God's being. the rule is, if you can think it, God isn't like that."

I love A.W. Tozer

Thursday, January 20, 2005


This is my friend Taran and I at a mutual friend's wedding.

Here is the beautiful place I live.

Do People Think Before They Speak?

Reported by MIRS, Michigan Democratic Party Executive Chair Mark Brewer blames President Bush for a lavish Presidential Inauguration, “It's unbelievable that a wartime President would set the record for money spent on an inauguration, with U.S. troops facing daily violence in Iraq and hundreds of thousands of families devastated by December's tsunami in Asia, Bush decides to spend millions on a celebration.” After that statement, he passionately delivered a diatribe on how Michigan could spend the $40 million plus that reportedly has been spent on the Presidential Inauguration. Apparently, if President Bush were a little more thrifty, the money would all come to Michigan so we could spend it on roads and Medicaid for children, and fully funding the No Child Left Behind ‘mandate’. His logical conclusion to President Bush’s deciding to have celebrations at the Presidential Inauguration was: “This week's excess in D.C. clearly demonstrates the misplaced values of Michigan's Republicans.” Well, if it is an excessive Inauguration, which I leave to the readers to make their own choice about primarily because I have not made one yet, I want to know: How does it demonstrate the misplaced values of Michigan Republicans? If it’s President Bush, and Bush alone who is fully responsible for “setting the record” on Inaugural spending, how does the situation reflect on Michigan Republicans at all? But I guess I would think that because I'm a extravagent Michigan Republican with misplaced values...Let me just pick up my fiddle and start playing now.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Where am I?

I am in Michigan. This is interesting, since I am from one of the most beautiful places in America. However, I am in Lansing, Michigan. Even more interesting, I am a Legislative Assistant for a Republican. Those who knew me in my old, more Libertarian days say, and I quote, "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

Interesting where life leads us...

I am NOT AFRAID of the color pink

I may, however, be afraid of posting. We will see how far this page goes....