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Friday, September 30, 2005

Friday, September 23, 2005

"I think democracy absolutely depends on the continuing right of the ignorant and misinformed to make all the core decisions in our society, and I would never place a mandatory restriction like that on people's right to vote." - Orson Scott Card

Given alone that sounds like the worst statement possible. But it really is true. We wouldn't be free if we were forced to be informed. So continues all the stupid majority making decisions for the informed minority. Gotta love democracy. Too bad this isn't really a Republic anymore.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Close to a Quarter Century

Yesterday I turned 24. One more year and my car insurance goes down! I'm very excited. Usually, I plan a big party because I love having everything to revolve around me for one day. Hmm, well rather the world always revolves around me, but I enjoy everyone realizing and acknowledging it for one day a year. This year I did not plan a party. I figured my house church would have some sort of small celebration and decided I did not want to go to the trouble of planning a big party, that I would be happy so long as I got to spend it with the people who I care about the most and that if I did throw a party I might spend more time stressing over it coming off well than enjoying it. So, I did nothing. Turns out it came off quite well. My darling Jeremiah decided to try to make quite a special occasion of it for me. This is rather interesting considering his views on birthdays. Back when I was getting to know him, he went off on a rather lengthy diatribe about how celebrating birthdays is ridiculous, because actually having a birthday is the minimum qualification for existence. His thinking goes that if you discover the cure for cancer THEN you have accomplished something significant enough to qualify you for having your birthday celebrated. Otherwise you're just existing, so why celebrate it? Imagine my surprise at having an entire EVENT planned just to celebrate my birthday. I mean, I haven't even discovered the cure for a sniffle, let alone something as significant as cancer. I have always wanted to walk into a house expecting to see the same old room and have it be decorated just for me - and that's exactly what happened! Balloons & streamers and colorful tableclothes piled high with good food and finished off by a fantastic cake made by Jeremiah with the most delicious whipping cream/strawberry frosting imaginable. I would wish you all had been able to be there - except then there would have been less cake for me.

So now I am 24. This is good, because no one loves you when you're 23:-)

Thursday, September 15, 2005

My pirate name is:

Mad Dog Flint

Part crazy, part mangy, all rabid, you're the pirate all the others fear might just snap soon. Like the rock flint, you're hard and sharp. But, also like flint, you're easily chipped, and sparky. Arr!

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Friday, September 09, 2005

The Price I Pay for Beauty

Is $23.00 to be exact. However, the additional fees I pay in lost sleep is steeper. Waking up at 6:00am on a Friday morning to drag my sleepy body over to the East Lansing Douglass J day salon for an eyebrow and upper lip waxing loses me an hour and a half of precious Friday morning sleep. Precious, because I get so little sleep during the week anyway, especially now that I'm dating an insomniac. However, I have proven that however over-committed I was BEFORE dating Jeremiah, there was still room to fit more activities into my schedule. It was helpful, however, that I spent such a large amount of time with him beforehand, as he was (and is still) such a good friend. However, the toll on my mental and physical well-being became apparent to me this morning. I had my monthly ritual-pain-for-the-sake-of-beauty and delicious Douglass J coffee, and got to work half an hour early (better early than late!), mainly because I'm the Head Honcho (offical title) in the office today and got to park under the building and not take my usual trek to the building. Because I was there waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too early, I decided to do something constructive with my time and took a nap under my desk until the time that I should have arrived at work. At this point, I thought I was fairly good to go, especially after I had my intern make coffee (wuh-ha ha! So stereotypical! Can't have her getting above herself! She needs to know her place!) and so I thought I'd be getting yet MORE caffeine into my body. I'm not really a coffee drinker, I'm more of an herbal tea and 2 slices of Ezekial bread toast in the morning kind of girl, so I thought "Ah ha! I'll be AWAKE today!" I was sadly mistaken. To add some extra zing to my caffeinated delight, I decided to mix in some hot chocolate, non-dairy creamer, and sugar (if the sugar from the creamer and chocolate weren't enough!). I was stirring in the sugar when I realized that it was NOT sugar I was pouring in but salt! And it's not like the packets look the same, or that I rarely use either of them either. My daily luncheon is usually a Thai Kitchen soup, to which I always add one salt packet - yes the very same salt packet that I was adding to my coffee. Fortunately, my intern and I discovered it about the same time and only after I had added just a little to my coffee creation. However, I think I really do have a few screws loose this morning due to the early wake-up and my face having to endure so much torture at such an early hour.

However, I would not change my montly ritual for the world. Each month, I feel like my face is a butterfly that has just emerged from its hairy chrysalis. And I enjoy having warm wax on my face as much as I enjoy playing with candles with my fingers. It's the taking of the wax off my face I have an issue with. And really, it's not all that bad; it's much better than tweezing, in my humble opinion.

But it's still a price to pay - although worth it.