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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Political Update

WARNING: I know several of my readers disagree with me politically and probably as far as my personal views on God. I hope I don't offend anyone, but these are my thoughts. Feel free to comment.

The US Senate is still up in the air. It looks like the GOP retained control of the Michigan state Senate, but there will probably be recounts. In South Dakota, voters knocked down their abortion ban.

Most alarming in Michigan is the reason why Dems gained control of our state house. It is probably because of the funding of pro-stem cell research Jon Stryker, a billionaire looking to buy the Legislature. (Detroit News words, not my own) No one knows what the rest of his agenda is, because few people know him, yet he's donated millions...? Read the article it's good and has some well thought out predictions we should keep in mind now that Governor Granholm has been re-elected and Democrats now have the majority in the state house.

It will be interesting to see where our state and country go in the next 2-4 years. It is possible that after President Bush is gone and people forget their hatred of him that the playing field evens out again. (I think that was the reason why we saw so many Democrat victories on the state and national level) People wanted change and they'll want it again I don't think the Democrats will stay so powerfully in control for very long unless they start even more putting forth values-based Democrat candidates. In which case, that is fine. I mean, it'll really hurt our economy, but what's important will be retained. (pro-life values) If you my readers don't know that I'm very pro-life by now, here's your big tip-off.

Of course, what could happen is that more and more Christians look different from the rest of America. In which case, we need to focus more than ever upon looking for God's approval and not man's. I don't think it's outside the realm of reason that Christians will be attacked more than ever soon. However, what an opportunity to show love to people. If we can successfully love our attackers and enemies (like the Amish have so recently exemplified) I think people will be attracted to God and we may very well see the spiritual revival we've wanted. However, I think if we look towards retaliation and rely upon politics to "get our way", I think we may be sunk. I think it's important that we think now about what it means to live a "quiet and tranquil life" (1 Titus 2:1&2) and also focus on first loving others and praying that God will turn hearts towards Him, rather than primarily trying to get our own way legislatively without changing hearts. My focus these next years will not be to "regain political control" I do not think. My focus will be God and then the other individual lives mine touches. I wish to radically change the world, but not through politics. I wish to change it because I do what God wants me to do - love others, be righteous, deny myself and through that God touches people's hearts and HE changes them. If that means political change for the better - great. If it means that the individual lives mine touches are changed for the better, but politically nothing changes - fine. God is still on His throne and He has not fallen with the political change. So, yeah, my working in politics has me concerned about how my job will be changing and sad for my boss that he's no longer a part of the majority and so may no longer be in a position to do some of the good things he would otherwise, but personally? My hope is in God and He is ALWAYS good.

Anyway, those are my thoughts heading out of the 2006 general mid-term elections.


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